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King Lear - Reloaded (1) Screenshot 2019


Medieval Government Simulator

King Lear: Reloaded, is a simulation and stat management game made in the course of one week for the 2019 Community Game Jam.

King Lear: Reloaded: Project


With two programmers and an artist already on the team, my role was primarily that of Producer and Writer, while also contributing some art assets.

Since the game is themed around choices, around 2500 words were written for branching dialogue. Additionally, to reduce repetition in the recurrent text, 100+ variable strings were added, replacing words in dialogue.

My biggest priority as producer was keeping the game in a scope that could be completed in under one week. Almost all features we planned for made it in. By keeping the two main tenants of the game, the stat management system, and the dialogue independent of one another, bother areas were free from interference from the other, and could be integrated smoothly

My art contributions were limited to the designs of the Witch and Four Council members, and some UI assets.

King Lear: Reloaded: Welcome


King Lear: Reloaded: Gallery
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